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Lo Becker

Lo Becker became an Honorably Discharged Veteran in the year of 2006. Once he was out of the service he ventured off doing numerous jobs. He became a "Jack of all Trades" kind of guy.  In search of a new career, he embarked on many different jobs that took him to multiple states. As the years went on he was finding that he was getting limited on the work that he could do.  Lo stared to seek medical attention from local VA centers and found multiple issues that were connected with his military career. Due to this arising issue, he searched for something new.

With music as a passion in his family, he started at a young age singing at church events, high school choir and as years went on, he started hosting as a DJ/KJ at clubs and bars.  He always had a burning desire to do something in music but didn't know what. With a goal in mind, he started doing open mics and moved fast by winning an open mic competition. Soon he moved on to start, "The Becker Band". Come follow the journey from starting out doing covers and writing originals, to playing openers at big shows.

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