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Doug Trapp

Doug Trapp brings over (20 +) years of professional musicianship to his position as drummer and band manager of The Becker Band. Motivated by his love of music and entertaining Doug has organized, managed and promoted several local and national bands, including “DeffHippy”, “MoTrucker”, and “Heaven N Hell” MoTrucker was signed by Saturn Records and product as National touring band. Doug knows the local music scene well and has booked bands in top venues throughout the Denver area. “Music is my second language and drumming connect me (to) the world.”


I have a passion for entertaining and I want to make the Becker Band into a successful professional band that connects with family, friends, and fans. As the drummer, I want to lay down the beat – right in the pocket – and make Lo Becker sound like the Rockstar he is. As manager, I want to represent a group that takes their music seriously and performs with professionalism that builds a following for (our kind of music) and The Becker Band.

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